Our Favourite Products

Livewright would like to draw your attention to the following products which we have found to be useful in helping us (and our clients) achieve our goals. If you would like to discuss how to use any of these products, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Please Note. The product descriptions below include links to other websites where these products can be purchased. In some cases LiveWright receives a commission if you purchase these products as a result of following these links. In keeping with the guidance of the Advertising Standards Authority these product descriptions may be considered to be advertisements.


An Air Fryer is a great way to help with food prep. Ours gets used every day. You can make your chips with just a teaspoon or two of oil, use it to crisp your roast chicken, cook steaks and even crumbles and cakes. 

We use this Philips one as it is super easy to use with just two dials, Temperature and Time!!

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Supports your pet's health with healthy meals that are pet and vet-approved. Designed to support your pet's health and happiness from the inside out. Balance their energy levels, support their digestion and immune system and keep their skin and coat looking healthy and glossy.

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One thing you can do to

take your body measurements accurately and simply is to get a

Retractable Body tape measure.

Since I got mine, I haven't looked back and won’t use a manual tape for body measurements again.

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I loved this one. Dr Ray’s reassuring and calming voice guides you through recognising the everyday obstacles we all encounter. She gives clear explanations of what our brain is doing and helpful exercises to reframe our thoughts and move forward.

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Tracking is vital, and having a MYZONE Switch will allow you to track your high-intensity effort and time in the HIIT training zone.

Get your MYZONE Switch — then message me to get access to our monthly challenges!

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Do you need to upgrade your kit for LIIFT MORE? Now is the time to get those extra dumbbells, the New Ybell Pros (14,16,18 & 20kgs) or Arcs (1.1 or 2.5kgs).

Also, you will need an adjustable bench, so don't get caught out by waiting - get set up now!

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10% off your set!


Sustainability is a big thing for us, so we have been trying to cut back on single-use plastic and use more eco-brands, which is how we first discovered SMOL.

Not only does it tick the box in terms of being eco-friendly, but it also gets delivered when we want and works out cheaper.

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With Automatic nap and activity detection, Oura translates your body signals and daily habits into actionable insights. This information can help you stay active and improve your overall health. Even better, your Oura ring will help you to optimize your sleep routine and gradually enhance your sleep, boosting your recovery and mood.

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Athleat meat is nutritious grass-fed and free-range meat. We choose this because it's hormone and antibiotic-free. Meaning all is good for your gut health program. 

Not only this, but also it's far kinder to the environment and animals than meat from intensively raised livestock. 

It’s delivered fresh in recyclable packaging — and all Red tractor approved!

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The Flow Massage Gun is portable and convenient. It gives instant pain relief for everything from migraine and headaches to joint pain and muscle soreness.

Get your massage gun — then message me for my best tips!

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The perfect baste for making your sourdough. It's made with wood pulp from the spruce forests in Germany — makes it stronger, longer lasting, easier to maintain, a smaller environmental footprint and will last you a lifetime.

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This tool works great for slashing and scoring your bread and it's compact, easy to use, and clean.

Comes with a beautiful swede pouch for storing.

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We love the longer handles on this bread sling to keep from getting burnt. The non-stick surface makes transferring your bread to and from the oven safe and easy.

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