Do you think about what you say……no, really think?

I recently had a piece of PD recommended to me by a friend, it is a book, it is by Don Miguel Ruiz. the book is the four agreements. one of these agreements stood out

“Be impeccable with the word”

He explains this with the following statement

“the word is a force; it is the power you have to communicate, to think and thereby to create the events in your life”.

this interested me as it linked to a journal article I read this week about a phenomenon known as trait transference. This is where people you communicate with identify the things you describe in others or events as being related to you.

This means if you are negative in your communication then those who read, listen or engage with this see this as relating to you. Furthermore, this links to what Plato noted that “likes tend towards likes.” so basically what you put out you get back.

There is also evidence to suggest that in relation to attention if you are focused on something you brain will naturally seek and look out for this. For example, have you noticed when you are hungry you see more restaurants or when you buy a new car you suddenly notice everyone has the same car? so think of what happens if you focus on rejection / or negativity and then think of what may be different if you focus on success and positivity.

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