Compression gear

So aside from looking good does it actually work? Here are some things I have noticed from wearing compressions gear along with what the research says.


  1. Strength & Power
    1. I like to wear my compression gear when I lift as I feel like it gives me a little boost when switching from the lowering to lifting sections of an exercise so, for example, coming out of the bottom of my squats. Also, I find with teaching classes like INSANITY that has a lot of repeated jumping I feel I can work harder for longer
    2. What the research says: well there appears to be general agreement here that compression gear will aid in performance with strength and power-based activity one recent 2016 article in Physiology & Behaviour stated that there was Conclusive evidence increasing power and strength this backed up a previous review which highlighted effects on repeated sprint and jumps.


  1. Form
    1. Along with the feeling more ….springy in my compression gear I also feel that my form and technique is better and more coordinated in my gear I just feel like the tightness from the gear helps me know where I am, this is super important to me as I am obsessed with my form it is something I have always prided myself on.
    2. What the research says: Again, the research backs this up suggesting the increased feedback from the mechanoreceptors in the skin aids in sensory feedback which improves proprioception this has implications for injury prevention and efficiency.
  2. Recovery
    1. I love wearing compression gear following exercise and will even wear it to sleep at times. it’s like a giant hug for my aching muscles. Doing this I feel like I am more ready for my next session/workout. This was highlighted to me on a recent trip to LA where I was cast in the shoot for some of the new Beachbody Live workouts I had 3 days of back to back filming and then a Bootcamp for Transform live our latest program so needed to be on my A-game the whole time even with this gruelling schedule.

What the research says:  one recent meta-analysis found that there was evidence to suggest that compression gear will benefit exercise recovery but specifically strength and resistance exercise benefited most from this ergogenic boost suggesting that compression gear may reduce exercise-induced microdamage to the muscle.

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